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Former child soldier and CMSF founder Kon Kelei finds it very important to involve secondary school students in The Netherlands in realizing his dream of building a secondary school in Southern Sudan. They are the ones who, in the near future, have to share the world with the youth in Sudan. Attention for the problems third world countries are facing, contribute to the development of understanding and are helping these third world countries.

In the previous years a lot of students have contributed to the CMSF project. The Maasland College in Oss, the Jan van Brabant College in Helmond and the Damstede in Amsterdam (all cities in The Netherlands), have ‘adopted’ the CMSF project and raised money for it. To motivate these students and to explain the problems Sudan has been and is still facing, Kon gave impressive presentations about his life, his current occupations and the construction of the school in Cuey Machar. All the students contributed with great pleasure to the CMSF project with various activities.

If you would like to see photos of the activities secondary school across The Netherlands have organized, you can click here. If you have any questions or comments to CMSF or Kon Kelei, you can post a message on the guestbook.


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