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CMSF wants to contribute to the development of Southern Sudan by enabling secondary schooling for both boys and girls in the region of Bor. That is why CMSF is building a secondary school in Cuey Machar. The entire project has been divided in three parts:

    1. The construction of the school
    2. Furnishing the school
    3. Ensuring education

CMSF´s main goal is to provide good education to both boys and girls. But CMSF wants to do more. The building will also be used as a community center and the Dutch organization War Child, who helps children affected by war, will used it for their activities. In addition, the school will be used as a place to provide information on the deadly diseases prevalent in South Sudan, like malaria and HIV/AIDS. A water well will be build on the school premises to supply not only the school, but also the village with clean drinking water.

A design of the school is made by the Dutch architect Daan Peters, an employee of De Loods Architecten- en adviesbureau.

Maquette school

The school will consist of 6 classrooms, each a capacity of 25 – 30 pupils, 1 physics and chemistry laboratory, 1 crafts room, 2 teachers lounges, 1 room for the board, 1 administrator office, 1 cafeteria including a kitchen, 1 library and toilets.

CMSF values the involvement of the local population and tries to include them in the project in a way different from the way used during the colonial times. Therefore, during the execution of this project, CMSF holds on to the Sudanese saying: ‘Feed a hungry man today, he will be hungry; teach him how to fish, he can have food tomorrow; educate his child(ren), you have given him a future’. The local community of Cuey Machar has been involved in the choice of building a secondary school and is still involved in the execution of the project. They help constructing the school and they will help making the furniture for the school.

Since 2007 CMSF has raised money for the project and in the summer of 2008 the construction of the school started. CMSF started as a dream for founder Kon Kelei. In 2010 this dream seems to become reality.


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